Mysteries of Golarion

Book 2, Part 1: Murder Most Foul

Oathday, Lamashan 6th, 4707
The morning is spent walking to Sandpoint. First stop is the Mayor’s office, who says that Sheriff Hemlock as been looking for us for the past two days. We share news of the victory at Thistletop and our confirmation of Nualia’s presence and corruption. Upon seeing Nualia’s body, Mayor Deverin sends us to Father Zantus consecrate the bodies before checking in with the Sheriff.

There is no love lost between us and the Sheriff, so we stop in quickly at The Rusty Dragon first. Ameiko says that the town has been quiet while we were gone, but when we reach the Sheriff’s office we learn it has been anything but.

There was a double-murder last night (Wealday) at the sawmill: Katrine (sister of Shayliss) and millworker Harker. The night before (Toilday) there had been a murder just outside of town at barn. Three con men were killed and their bodyguard survived, but left insane with a bite mark on his shoulder, raving about “the one”.

There was a note at the first scene, addressed to Mountain’s Fang, raving about learning to love the author and offering to end the nightmares if she gave herself to “the pack”. Upon reading it, she threw the paper in disgust, naming Aldren Foxglove as the writer, after all the attention he’d paid to her since the goblin attack.

Sheriff Hemlock starts when he notices the sehidron amulet around Kellus’ neck. All four men killed in the past two days had that shape carved into their chests. (Strangely, Katrine did not.)

After some discussion, the heroes split to investigate both murders as quickly as possible. Roars with Thunder and Mountain’s Fang head to the sawmill to see if there are any other clues, such as another note. There was nothing to see there aside from the fact that one of the bodies was torn apart by the mill’s saw.


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