Mysteries of Golarion

Book 2, Part 2: The Thing in the Attic

Oathday, Lamashan 6th, 4707
At the same time, Mal, Kellus, and Lani headed to Habe‘s Sanitarium where the bodyguard was sent, to question him about what he saw. The main entry is empty aside from a bell pull, and while they looked around, Lani noted his compass pointing to an evil deeper into the building. Habe appeared upon ringing the bell, but says he’s too busy to waste time with them and to risk his patients’ well-being. Kellus sweet-talks them in. They ring had no interest in letting them in, but they finally convinced him a short interview would satisfy them.

The bodyguard, Graste, looks deformed and ill, close to death. Kellus and Mal identify that he has Ghoul Fever and is likely to rise as an undead creature before the night is out. Graste raves, talking of the skinsaw man with too many teeth, needing razors, and SHE is the one he’s jealous of… Mountain’s Fang. He has a message for her, so Mal heads around the corner and alters his appearance to make it seem she is present. Graste will only speak to him (her) in the cell, after he hears the clink of the lock, so Lani quietly locks the cell so that the clink leaves the cell still open. Sure enough, Graste begins raving again, that only HE can love the master, then rips out of his straightjacket and lunges at Mal. The group moves quickly and Mal escapes unscathed, Habe screeching in concern for the well-being of his patient, demanding that everyone leave as though his patient had not just tried to kill one of them.

They still haven’t found the evil that Lani noted earlier, and there’s clearly something wrong with this place that warrants more investigation. So Kellus enthralls Habe with talk of his most recent annoyances, and the others scurry down the hall. He’s done this sort of thing before, it seems, as Mal knows he and Lani have time to return to Sandpoint for backup, filling in Roars with Thunder and Mountain’s Fang on way back. The four of them explore the lower floors of the Sanitarium, finding a sleeping tiefling (Gorink (whose door they quietly jam behind them on the way out) and in the next room his tiefling brother Gordus. Gordus is suspicious of their claims that Habe agreed to an investigation, but when Mal comes around the corner altered to look like Habe, he relaxes and agrees to guard the grounds to ensure no other strangers arrive. (He is led to believe his brother is already outside on rounds.)

Lani opens a locked stairwell and the search continues for the evil thing his compass identified. As they reach the bottom of the stairs, a man in robes demands to know what they’re doing. He claims to fund the Sanitarium and identifies himself as “my name is you can leave my house now”. He is intently suspicious of the group’s claims to be legitimate investigators and gives roundabout answers to questions about the transformation about to happen upstairs, or any knowledge of recent events. Mountain’s Fang finds a map with markers including the locations of the two recent murders, and the man then claims knowledge of them only in relation to Graste’s appearance.

Roars with Thunder finally loses it and demands “Are you an evil wizard or evil cleric?” The man replies calmly “Are you a stupid warrior or travelling musician?” and Roars with Thunder swings his earthbreaker.

With a message spell up that was cast on arrival at the Sanitarium, Kellus bowed out of his enthrall spell as soon as Roars with Thunder made his demand, dashing downstairs to prevent the situation from going sour. As Roars with Thunder began the upswing of his earthbreaker, Mal magically held the robed man. Lani set his bow to react to any opposed spellcasting, as Roars with Thunder finished the downstroke crushing his target. Mountain’s Fang slashed at him with her claws. Kellus came down the stairs just in time to see Roars with Thunder land a devastating blow with his earthbreaker, reducing the robed man to a pile of goo with a miraculously intact skull.

In hushed but intense tones, Lani and Kellus immediately began demanding to know why it was necessary to attack the man who could have been questioned further or arrested. Mountain’s Fang and Roars with Thunder were adamant the man was finished talking, was deeply evil by Lani’s own tracking, and was involved in raising undead. Killing him was the right thing. Mal remained silent by the stairs, avoiding notice by all parties.

On hearing movement away from the door upstairs, the group decided to finish searching the now-vacant basement, collecting all of the papers and supplies they could find. As they finished up, Kellus encountered a room filled with zombies that poured out as he squeaked away. Lani and Mal sustained some injuries while the Shoanti tore through the vile creatures.

The small lab now covered in body parts both fresh and rotting, the group decided it was time to make an exit. Roars with Thunder fashioned a suicide note in the now-confirmed wizard’s hand, while Kellus listened at the door and Mal prepared a final quick disguise. Mal strode out to find a dark room and the tiefling brothers guarding the door a short distance away.

[Bring Sheriff in to deal with the legal issues of the building.]


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