Mysteries of Golarion

Book 2, Part 4: The Misgivings

Starday, Lamashan 8th, 4707
Talk to mayor and learn of Hambley heirs, learn of Aldren’s family home and it’s “misgivings” nickname. Gather some information and head to investigate. (Kellus with intent to warn, Mountain’s Fang and Roars with Thunder with intent to kill, Mal presumably to watch with entertainment and Lani to ensure the townfolk are safe.

Seabirds soar in the distance, zombie crows up close. Down the well, face large bat-ghoul (shathy-something), clear nest of ghouls and get ambushed by undead goblins.

Find Aldren-ghast who is unnaturally fast and speaks with fear of “the hurter” coming before attempting to woo Mountain’s Fang with a flesh-covered painting. Killed (to dust) with great difficulty, Kellus refuses to believe it was really him. Head upstairs. Haunts: Mountain’s Fang attacked by ghoul-haunt, Lani with “save my daughter” haunt, triggering rat swarm, and shook off a final haunt (encountered thus far). Proceeding upstairs, Lani takes a defensive position in the back of the group, remaining in the hall until rooms are deemed safe enough for him to continue.

One such room contains a large piano which begins to play. Roars with Thunder begins to dance a fine Shoanti river dance before becoming enchanted by a haunt of a beautiful woman accompanying him in an outlander dance. Mountain’s Fang grapples him and the woman shrivels and withers into a horror before disappearing.

In another room, Roars with Thunder again is attacked, this time as a red scarf wraps itself around his neck, Aldren Foxglove strangling him while Roars with Thunder is overwhelmed with the sense of being Foxglove’s wife. (Wife!?) Mountain’s Fang leaps to his aid, ripping the scarf from his throat with ease. Kellus finds great entertainment in this and torments Roars with Thunder about the “scarf of Shoanti-strangling” at every opportunity.

Found portraits that look like family: Aldren Foxglove and his wife Aisha (Roars with Thunder recognizes her from the dance), Ziva, Sendeli, his siblings (?). Vorel Foxglove looks nearly the spitting image of Aldren, although older, and appears to be his grandfather. Kassandra (grandmother?). Mountain’s Fang, paranoid about her cousin’s safety, grabs a dagger from its position on a nightstand, while everyone else exclaims that it’s simply a piece of wood. Mal sets it on fire, and she snaps out of the vision and throws the dagger from the nearby window to ensure it cannot harm anyone else in the room.

Another room is filled with stained glass images and furnishings. Kellus, who has been tormenting Roars with Thunder about the scarf incident, suddenly throws himself through a window on the far side of the room, stopped from falling into the sea only by stabbing himself on the weathervane of the level below. The group works together to pull him back up, and they proceed cautiously to the topmost floor. There is a room filled with books in great disrepair (which Mal immediately begins gathering). Another room nearby contains a battered telescope and a body wrapped in cloth; the body of a pale woman with dark hair… Aisha!

Finally, confident that the mansion does not contain a living Aldren Foxglove (as Kellus continues to maintain the ghast in the basement was an imposter), and that there are no other victims present, the group makes a hasty retreat to the main doors… only to find the zombie crows have gathered into a violent swarm that tried to overwhelm the exit. The party, already on edge, cut it down around them with ease.

The return to Sandpoint was relatively peaceful, aside from glares between Kellus and Roars with Thunder, as Lani makes sure to ride between them. Upon delivering Aisha’s body to Father Zantus, he reveals she was a travelling Varisian, married to Aldren just 8 months ago.


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