Mysteries of Golarion

Book 2, Part 5: Chasing the Skinsaw

Sunday, Lamashan 16, 4707
Finally time to leave for Magnimar, the group gathers their belongings and head to Sheriff Hemlock. Tsuto is restrained in a barred wagon, the Magnimar guards posted around it. A second wagon follows with extra supplies and the off-watch guards. The journey will take the whole day.

Sheriff Hemlock directs the adventurers to report to Captain Cassedy in Magnimar and turn Tsuto over to her.

Along the way, Lani and Tsuto exchange harsh words, both firm in their belief the other has dishonoured the family. Tsuto vows “I’lll burn this city [Sandpoint] down before we’re done.”

Approaching Magnimar, the Irespan bridge dominates the skyline. Kellus explains that it is a magically preserved bridge that appears to have been scaled to giants. Nearby factories, like the golemworks, actually mine the stones of the bridge. Each of the large pillars have nicknames and matching symbols. Rumour has it that some people actually live in the bridge itself, since it is hollow. Underneath, in the shadow of the bridge, the poorest people of Magnimar make their homes. This is where the lost Shoanti Mal and Kellus had encountered in their youth tend to group.

At the city gates, a Sargent Kavelren instructs Kellus and Mal to keep an eye on us Shoanti and prevent us from stealing. He speaks directly to Roars with Thunder and Mountain’s Fang: “If you see something lying around, you cannot simply pick it up. It may belong to someone.” As they pass through the gate, Lani clarifies the context around the Magnimarian biases, but the Shoanti remain disgruntled about the cool reception.

It is a simple matter to find Captain Kasedai, who seems disinterested in the details of the crimes by Tsuto, but allows Kellus and Lani to submit statements with details they find important. She also offers to keep the Kaijitsu name quiet, to avoid any negative associations for the local Kaijitsu relatives.

Close to sundown at this point, the group agrees to wait until morning before pursuing their other business in the city.

Kellus, Lani, and Roars with Thunder seek out an inn in the Naos District, The Blue Bunyip. Kellus spends the evening exchanging off-colour jokes about Shoanti with the locals, much to Roars with Thunder’s outrage. He eventually seeks Lani out in his quarters, to continue his antics, but eventually Lani can hold his tongue no longer. He sternly urges Kellus to rethink his actions, quoting the Pathfinder creed of cooperation, lest the group lose their cohesion in battle. Kellus coolly announces his retirement for the evening.

Mountain’s Fang seeks out a hawk clan camp among the tribes outside the city walls, hoping to find guidance about the troubled Shoanti in the city. Mal offers to join her, and she agrees without hesitation. Roars with Thunder warns that Mal likely wouldn’t be welcomed, but Mountain’s Fang is adamant they wouldn’t turn away a guess accompanying a Shoanti. He shakes his head, saying she is being overly optimistic.

Unable to find any game along the route to the tribes, Mountain’s Fang offers her custom-crafted shield from home as a gift for being hosted away from her home tribe. It saddens her to part with one of the few belongings she began her journey with, but she understands it will be of more use to a youth now that her animal fighting techniques have been honed. The tribe seems divided about how to accept this gift, especially with an outsider tagging along, until Mal steps forward to present a gift of his own: the horse he arrived on. It causes quite a stir and they are warmly welcomed to the fires.

One of the jothka, Sky Reaver, addresses Mountain’s Fangs concerns about the city-dwelling Shoanti with gentle dismissal. The activities they pursue seem low, but the Chelaxians pay well for the entertainment they gain, and the Shoanti use those funds to support their families. He describes it as each side duping the other in a symbiosis, rather than something to be ashamed of.

Moonday, Lamashan 17, 4707
Mid-morning, everyone convenes at the inn to make plans, and they agree that exploring Aldren’s Magnimar townhouse is their top priority.

Kellus and Roars with Thunder mutter at each other about who does or does not have a sense of humour, while Lani counsels Kellus like a patient guide.

Mal’s return without his horse sparks some debate with Kellus on Abadar and the true value of a horse. Roars with Thunder questions Mountain’s Fang frantically about whether his name was mentioned at any time while she was at camp. She begins to suspect he isn’t just hiding because of the changes to his appearance. There is some bad blood between him and his tribe, and she is glad to have referenced him only as “a cousin” during the stories she shared — a term typically used for Shoanti from the same tribe or trusted outsiders.

Aldren’s house is 3 storeys tall, with the windows boarded from the outside. Roars with Thunder adjusts his cap to disguise himself as Aldren, in case there are some of his allies (or masters?) awaiting inside. Voices can be heard from the entrance hall, laughter and an air of civilized mannerism, and so Roars-as-Aldren opens the door and strolls in. “Greetings, I’ve returned!” A beautiful black-haired woman and a well-preserved older gentleman turn to stare in surprise. Aldren Foxglove stands from a chair, calmly responding “We have guests! Who are you?”

- Roars with Thunder drops his disguise, to allow Aldren to recognize him.
- Woman is Aisha, and on recognizing her, Mountain’s Fang exclaims “Wait, but we have a body…”. Mal makes urgent don’t talk gestures.
- Aldren demands that just one person remain to discuss the situation while the others leave the room, explaining that all of these well-armed strangers are causing undue stress to his wife. He is adamant that they haven’t been to Sandpoint in years.
- Roars with Thunder casts message on his companions, and remains in the room to sort out the details of what is going on. He explains what we saw involving Aldren in Sandpoint, and answers a barrage of questions about who each of his companions are and their special skills.
- The others wait outside the room, and Lani points out how strange it is that the windows would be boarded up if Aldren Foxglove is home and well. Finally, Lani remembers his wayfinder and pulls it out to see where the nearest source of evil would be. It’s pointing directly at the door separating them from Aldren and his guest. He whispers a warning to Roars with Thunder through the spell as one of Aldren’s companions suddenly transforms into a shapeless form and attacks.
- Battle ensues, an ends quickly.
- After the battle, the group surrounds one of the shapeshifters and revives it for questioning. It is only willing to disclose that its master is mighty — that we are hopelessly out of our depth. After confirming that there are no other inhabitants of the house, Roars with Thunder finally ends the questioning with his earthbreaker.

Searching the premises:
- Found travel logs (belonging to Aisha?)
- Found a hidden cache in the main upstairs room – legal papers and a deed to the Sandpoint manor house, referencing the Brotherhood of the Seven. It seems ownership of the manor house and much of the surrounding area will revert (permanently) to the Brotherhood in 14 years, or whenever the last of Aldren’s bloodline is deceased. There is also gold with a ledger.
- There is evidence that the Brotherhood of the Seven had been paying Aisha 200 gp per week, which she in turn was paying to The Sevens Sawmill (which had built the Foxglover manor house) on Oathdays. The next payment would be expected to arrive at the sawmill in 3 days.

- Kellus knows the location of The Sevens Sawmill, on an island section of Magnimar.
- The letter found in ghast-Aldren’s dust remains is signed Xenesha, Mistress of the Seven. The group suspects she is either the master the shapeshifter was referencing, or at least a high-ranking member of the Brotherhood.
- A plan is devised to deliver the next payment to the sawmill personally, in the hopes of uncovering more clues about what is going on.

Once the search of the house is complete, Mal(?) goes to fetch Captain Kasedai, to report the breach of the Foxglove estate. It takes a lot of convincing to encourage her to investigate personally, and she insists on bringing a few of her higher-ranking guards as a contingency. Mal offers to buy lunch for the guards, who seem receptive to the notion until Captain Kasedai eyes them sternly. Captain Kasedai finds it suspicious that we are in the city less than a day before dead bodies are recovered from a high-ranking citizen’s home, and she tells the adventurers to venture no further from Magnimar than the Shoanti camps outside the walls until she receives verification of our backstory from Sheriff Hemlock. Kellus offers to magically expediate the message to and from the sheriff. Much to Mountain’s Fang’s surprise, the captain accepts.

Moonday, Lamashan 17, 4707
In the morning, With three days before the payment is due at the Sevens Sawmill, the group begins hunting down Dr. Funnel. He is the head of the useless alchemy-accreditation-by-messenger program the fellow from Bottled Solutions completed. He has a bad reputation within the city, and rumour has it that he frequently places bets on the fighting matches at Serpent’s Run. That evening, they head off to Serpent’s Run to see if they can find Dr. Funnel there.

Along the way to the arena, the townsfolk heading into the building with clearly Chelaxian heritage were staring at Roars with Thunder and Mountain’s Fang in an almost calculating manner, taking notes. Kellus figures they think we’ll fight, and catches Roars with Thunder’s attention. “How tough do you feel?” Roars with Thunder immediately rose to the challenge and strode into the fighter’s entrance under the name Fighting Hagfish.

The fighting match is staged with teams, supposedly performing a historical reenactment from ancient Shoanti legends. Roars with Thunder is astonished by the nonsense as he’s told this will be the battle of Hagfish River, where the king of the Shoanti (green team) is being pursued by escaped Shoanti slaves (blue team) who have risen up against him.

In the crowds, the rest of the group learns about these battles. Mountain’s Fang can only shake her head at the absurdity of it all. When Kellus proceeds to place bets in Roars with Thunder’s favour, she joins in. (It seems as good a time as any to practice some of the local cultural traditions, especially with the small risk involved. Her cousin has led real battles and honed his skills on the road.)

The blue team consists of Roars with Thunder, Rorn (a half-Shoanti), and Denethel (a Chelaxian). The green team consists of “King” Grunthas the Flatulent, Linton, and Byron, all full-blooded Shoanti who have lived their lives in the city.

-details about the battle

Lani spends the fight looking for Dr. Funnel, but is unable to find him. Locals say that he will be at the arena next week to bet on his regular figher, Ebon Axe.

Toilday, Lamashan 18, 4707
Planning the gold delivery on Oathday.
Kellus divines “what manner the delivery is expected?” (in person).

Wealday, Lamashan 19, 4707
Kellus divines again “What manner of people are expected to deliver the gold?” (Only from the hand of the Fox does it come.)Roars with Thunder enhances Mountain Fang’s armor to +1
Mal accompanies him to watch, while he crafts himself a Handy Haversack.
Kellus spends Wealday and Oathday crafting with his amulet
Mountain’s Fang remains at the Shrii-Kiri camp to help train the young warriors.

Oathday, Lamashan 20, 4707
Kellus divines one final time before the evening delivery: “where are they taking the gold once we give it to them?” (Into the hands of the six brotherhood that still live.)

A message arrives from Sheriff Hemlock giving Captain Kasedai the go-ahead to allow us to leave the city.


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