Mysteries of Golarion


Starday, Lamashan 8th, 4707
The group weary from the horrors of the past three days, go their separate ways upon returning from The Misgivings.
Mal begins unpacking and examining his rescued books.
Roars with Thunder visits The Hagfish for a pint of brew (or three) and tales of adventure.
Mountain’s Fang wanders to her meditation point on the edge of the Old Light, staring out over at Chopper’s Isle. The angle of the sun falling in the sky highlights what seems to be a partial staircase along the top of the Isle, and a dilapidated structure above.
Kellus and Lani make way to the Rusty Dragon in silence.
Lani sits at the bar by his cousin Ameiko, and laments the chaos of the “Heroes of Sandpoint”. Ameiko seems especially relieved to see him, and relays news that Shalelu seems to be missing. Evidence of a struggle was found 6 days ago, involving goblins, bugbears, and Shalelu herself guessing from the feathers they found, which matched the ones from her hair.
Kellus… what WAS Kellus doing that night?

Sunday, Lamashan 9th, 4707
The next morning, Lani relays this news to the rest of the group, and they head to Sheriff Hemlock for more information. There, he confirms the story, and also requests that they aid in transporting Tsuto to Magnimar for justice. The guards brought from the city must also return, but he’d like extra muscle and events in the town seem to have settled down for now.

- Retrieving mirror from Turanardock Academy, magical orphanage run by Ilsury Bandothas
- Kellus and Lani return the favour by illustrating the use of a scrying spell
- Mal and Mountain’s Fan explore Chopper’s Isle, which has fascinated and/or concerned them both since first hearing of the late unpleasantness.
- Roars with Thunder spends the day crafting in a meditative trance.

Moonday, Lamashan 10, 4707
- Scrye upon Shalelu, who is bound in a corner, Orik appears to be involved
- Everyone prepares to begin a search the next day, and the magically-inclined spend their extra hours finishing crafting projects to be better equipped for whatever awaits.

Toilday, Lamashan 11, 4707
- Hunters (Yaro and Taylen (sp?)) lead the group to where they noted the struggle. Roars with Thunder is able to track further down the trail, finding ruins with a large bat altar. The hunters are paid to watch the horses while the group explores a secret entrance Roars with Thunder finds under the altar.

- Liri, Orik, and an army of bugbears seem to have set up a base of operations here, along with Bruthasmus’s angry twin, Brothasmus. The bugbear thugs sniff out Roars with Thunder and Kellus and Lani step forward to battle them. Liri calls for Shalelu to be killed as soon as she recognizes the group. There is no sign or sound of Shalelu, but the room is familiar.
- Lani is infuriated by Liri’s betrayal after the assistance he provided her at Thistletop, and takes her down with a single flurry of arrows.
- Mountain’s Fang races past the bugbears, ignoring their attacks in the hope of finding Shalelu in time. She only barely reaches her, calling out for assistance.
- Mal suddenly sprouts wings of inky shadow and stands over Shalelu’s unconscious body to prevent anyone from harming her further.
- Kellus transforms himself into a bugbear and drowns several bugbears coming down the hallway from behind.
- Roars with Thunder thundercalls the backups coming from the side.
- There is an intense scuffle as the remaining bugbears, Orik, and Bruthasmus scramble for Shalelu’s body and Mal and Mountain’s Fang try to block and disable them. Lani and Roars with Thunder battle from a short distance away while Kellus continues to dispatch the stragglers. Bruthasmus fills the room with darkness, and Mal and Kellus shout directions to the others to limit the advantage it gives him.
- Eventually, the battle is over, ending at last with a mighty coup-de-grace of Brothasmus.
- Shalelu is awakened, but fearful of travelling alone at this time. Lani keeps guard over her from a short distance away, while the others explore the rest of the ruin for reinforcements or other clues about what was going on.
- [More details to be added, returned to town]

Wealday, Lamashan 12, 4707 (and Oathday 13, Fireday 14, Starday 15)
Four more days pass before the group is ready to leave for Magnimar.
- Crafting
- Mountain’s Fang, Roars with Thunder, and Lani compete head-to-head for in the Scaly Hagfish contest, with all of their travelling companions present as witness. (Lani and Roars with Thunder have been competing for the attention of Shalelu ever since the rescue.) Roars with Thunder is eliminated in the first round, but Lani and Mountain’s Fang finish in a tie decided by a storytelling competition about how they’d succeeded so readily.
- Lani: History of the hagfish contest and the desire for a woman’s affection
- Mountain’s Fang: “Biographical” story of living off hagfish water after falling into a cavern filled with hagfish and slow-moving water.
- Kellus makes an effort to sway the contest in Lani’s favour, while Roars with Thunder leans his support to Mountain’s Fang. Mal and Shalelu watch with interest and amusement.
- Mountain’s Fang wins by applause, but Lani seems fine with that as Shalelu shows great admiration for his efforts.
- Kellus splits the week between crafting and visiting the orphanage. he befriends a youth who shows some aptitude for magic. He also forms a friendly alliance with Lyrie’s cat familiar.


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