Mysteries of Golarion

Book 1, Part 1: Festival and Fire

And so it begins...

Oathday, Rova 22nd, 4707

The town of Sandpoint was bursting with life. Children play in the midway, young men attempt to impress the local girls with feats of strength and more than one stranger from outside the town mingle amid the happy citizens. It has been several years since the town’s chapel burnt down during The Late Unpleasantness but not even such dark deeds could undo the resolve the the townsfolk.

Today, during the Swallowtail Festival the temple is being rededicated by Father Abstalar Zantus. He is not the only dignitary in attendance. Kendra Deverin and the stern but (mostly) beloved Sheriff Belor Hemlock all make brief speeches at the re-dedication ceremony. As Father Zantus prepared to make his opening remarks, a dog’s pitiful howl was heard. The people turned in disbelief to witness their town was under attack. A goblin raid was underway.

Most of the townspeople fled but five heroes stood. Among them was the noble but wayward Lani Kaijitsu. A member of a founding family of Sandpoint yet he was not among the most favoured of that clan’s sons. Nonethless, he rallied the the stalwart strangers, taking the lead against the goblins and inspiring the stern hearted to follow.

Two Shoanti, in town for reasons known only to them, joined the fray. They were Roars with Thunder and his cousin, Mountain’s Fang.
Though the Shoanti were strangers they felt more than equal to the task. Shockingly, they were not alone. Nor were they to be left alone to wield their weapons in a crimson mist.

Two strangers of a different race appeared amid the fray. One, a strangely adorned and aloof figure named Maledictus the other, by far the more composed yet in no way shy was called Kellus Agrippian. Together, the heroes pushed back the Goblin raiders. In the confusion, the noble (but exhausted) Lani succumbed to his injuries, leaving it to the others to continue the fight.

And continue they did. Clearing the central square of the town, the newly formed band moved as one when they heard a cry ring out by the northern gate. A nobleman lay on the ground and standing over him was a furious goblin mounted on one of their vulgar mounts.

The goblins, expecting little resistance from the terrified townsfolk found themselves outmatched by the travelling heroes. Though much blood was spilled the foursome were triumphant. The noble, a genteel man by the name of Aldren Foxglove was moved nearly to tears. He thanked the heroes deeply and invited them to dinner at the The Rusty Dragon Inn tomorrow evening.

It was not long before the heroes were being lauded by the entire town. If it wasn’t for them, even more innocent lives would have been lost. Among the grateful was the lovely Ameiko Kaijitsu, patroness of the Rusty Dragon Inn. Wishing to repay the heroes, she offered them free room and board for a week.

The heroes, now uneasy allies, gratefully accepted this offer.


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