Mysteries of Golarion

Book 1, Part 3: Glass and Wrath

A demonic secret revealed.

Sunday, Rova 25th, 4707 continued…

-Heroes arrive at Glassworks. Find the goblins destroying things and playing with fire. To their horror, the heroes find the body of Lonjiku Kaijitsu covered in lairs of glass. The heroes dispatch the goblins and follow one downstairs.

Down the stairs, the heroes uncover a passage and come upon Tsuto Kaijitsu leading the goblins. An able warrior, he is defeated but not killed. On his person, they found his journal.

In the small storage area nearby they find Ameiko Kaijitsu bound and beaten. She is healed and tells that her half-brother has gone mad. He had asked her to join his insane crusade against the town of Sandpoint. When she refused, he set his goblins upon her. The heroes soon after encounter Tsuto Kaijitsu. Ameiko translates the journal:


The heroes bring Tsuto to the Sandpoint Garrison to await Sheriff Belor Hemlock in order to deal with the prisoner through appropriate legal channels. The heroes grew anxious when Tsuto mentioned that an evil from below the city would rise to attack the town.

With these fears in mind, the heroes plan a return to the Glassworks.

Moonday, Rova 26th, 4707

This day is spent preparing healing scrolls and other supplies for an exploration through the smuggler’s tunnel, and discussing the possible meaning behind this plot.

Toilday, Rova 27th, 4707

The heroes find the rumoured smuggler’s tunnel beneath the Sandpoint Glassworks. The tunnel is very long and ill crafted. After some time it branches off. One branch heads toward the shoreline, the other heads below the town itself. A bricked-up doorway had recently been smashed down revealing a far older structure below.

Inside was a foul mockery of a humanoid, a foul creature with a long, split jaw and an evil shout.

The Heroes continued, finding a statue of a beautiful but furious looking woman made from red stone.

They found a baptismal fountain filled with evil water, known as The Waters of Lamashtu.
The heroes proceeded to a huge underground cathedral and there fought a tiny demon, possibly the same quasit referred to in Tsuto’s journal. She was in command of a strange triangular pool of translucent orange fluid. Spilling her own blood activated the device and from it sprung another of the split jawed creatures they’d encountered earlier.

After a long and dangerous battle, the heroes triumphed over the tiny demon. Backtracking, they sought more clues about the origins of this strange place. Entering an ancient prison, they were ambushed by still more of the split jawed creatures. So vicious was the attack that the might Roars with Thunder fell into unconsciousness.

The mystical powers of Maledictus were enough to wake the warchanter yet the party resources grew more and more scarce.

The found a torture chamber with deformed skeletons in the cells.

Proceeding east the heroes met with a mutated and twisted goblin named Korvus, watching over pits filled with zombies.

They found a haunted and buried-in stairwell heading down. On the wall scribbles in Thassalonian appeared on the wall.

A magical meditation sphere was also discovered.

A deomon that shrieked also attacked the heroes.

So too was a staircase going up into the town.

Having investigated the full ruin, the heroes headed upstairs and kept guards on the door leading into the smuggler’s tunnel, sending guards to the zombie pits with instructions on how to destroy them without being injured.

The following days were spent in rest, purchases and preparation, awaiting the return of Sheriff Hemlock.

Wealday, Rova 28, 4707

A Pearl of Power was crafted by Kellus Agrippian.
Maledictus and Roars with Thunder discuss possible experiments involving local wildlife and the The Waters of Lamashtu.

Oathday, Rova 29, 4707

In the morning, having overheard some of the whispered plans, Kellus Agrippian invites Roars with Thunder boar hunting in the hopes of distracting him. The hunt is lively and they return with another boar for The Rusty Dragon. On their journey back to town, Kellus shares tales of the contest at The Hagfish.

In that time, Maledictus begins to study Sandpoint’s alleys and rooftops, as he did the dark corners of Magnimar. Mountain’s Fang spends the morning patrolling the town’s perimeter, exercising Devilsbane and watching for unusual activity.

The afternoon is spent quietly, Kellus crafting a Cloak of Resistance for Maledictus, Roars with Thunder training his gut for the grotesque challenge, and Mountain’s Fang revisiting her meditation rock overlooking Chopper’s Isle. Brodert Quink has been watching her with interest throughout the week, and she stops to inquire. He shares his theory that the Old Light has the power of an ancient people.

The evening starts with a bang as Roars with Thunder kicks open the door to The Hagfish and declares himself for the challenge. The locals are eager to watch one of the heroes of Sandpoint put in his place and everyone watches in a mix of horror and amusement as the gloppy hagfish water is served to him. Like a true warrior, he throws the glass back in one smooth movement — three smooth glugs and slammed it down in triumph without a twitch. (Maybe a little one.)

Kellus notices guards looking around, but leaving without a word upon recognizing us, sparking a disconcerted debate about what might be happening. The heroes return to The Rusty Dragon to plan for the next morning, and discover that Belor Hemlock has returned with the reinforcements.


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