Mysteries of Golarion

Book 1, Part 4: Thistletop

Fireday, Rova 30th, 4707
Roars with Thunder is worse for wear after the hagfish water, and the morning is spent picking goodberries, while Maledictus foolishly attempts to wake him. After a lunch of boar, the heroes meet with Sheriff Hemlock, who is displeased over the festivities of the night before. He grudgingly acknowledges the work we did in protecting the town in his absence, but argues with Maledictus about whether it gave us the right to rest.

Mountain’s Fang shares the observations about The Old Light, but the Sheriff dismisses it as crazed ramblings, despite our reports of a twisted ruin underneath Sandpoint. Belor does feel the Thistletop tribe warrants further investigation.

The heroes proceeded to the office of Mayor Deverin and planned their next steps with her and Shalelu Andosana. Shalelu will attempt to frame the death of Korvus on one of the other goblin tribes, while the heroes attack Thistletop and attempt to pin it on a different tribe to rekindle the old rivalries and distract them from the plot against Sandpoint. Maledictus will disguise himself as Tsuto, in an attempt to reach the leadership unchallenged.

Upon returning to The Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu introduces the Heroes of Sandpoint to… the OTHER hero of Sandpoint, Lani Kaijitsu. We’ve heard mutterings from time to time, but nobody has shared details. He’s a (former?) Pathfinder interested in ensuring that someone local is representing Sandpoint’s interests in the attack on Thistletop, and Ameiko recommends him as someone trustworthy.

Starday, Lamashan 1st, 4707
The heroes finish repreparations, gathering healing resources and equipment and finalizing their plans to reach Thistletop the next day.

Sunday, Lamashan 2nd, 4707
It takes 5 hours afoot to reach the nettled edges of the Thistletop goblin tribe, and 2 hours to find any sign of civilization once the heroes arrive. Lani Kaijitsu sets a trap at the entrance we find, so goblins entering or leaving after us will be hung or possibly flung from the bushes.

The party follows a trail of some large dragged object into a den of goblin dogs and then happens upon a large group of goblins, getting the jump on them. The goblins attempted to charge in, one gutted and sent flying by Mountain’s Fang‘s ranseur. Kellus Agrippian called a rain of stones from the sky dropping all of the others to everyone’s astonishing and impressing everyone including himself.

Finally, a bridge to Thistletop Isle came in sight. As the party stepped into the pathway, a caster commanded the nettles to entangle them.

Lani Kaijitsu noticed a trap on the bridge, and so Maledictus, as the lightest member of the group, crossed in disguise with a rope only to be ambushed by goblins on dogs.

Attack the and clear the main floor of the goblin fortress. Head downstairs and encounter an aberration in the basement cave exit that nearly took Roars with Thunder out, set traps and camp in the upstairs.

Moonday, Lamashan 3rd, 4707
Gather the traps and return downstairs, meet Orik Vancaskerkin and convince him to abandon Nualia and talk to the Sandpoint guard about working with them instead. He says he owes the party a favour for sparing his life. Uncover another worship centre to Lamashtu, and Lyrie who has been conducting research for Nualia. Lani thinks she might now be able to join the Pathfinders and has written a letter of introduction to distance her from Nualia and the evil she is perpetrating.

Exploring the basement, we passed by a mysterious carving of a pillar of coins, wrapped in an enchantment to make them shine and glitter like real coins. Shadows attacked from a room filled with sarcophagi. They were strong against our weapons, and their touch sapped Roars with Thunder of his strength, but Mal’s spells were able to defeat them.

We found Nualia (and her pet?) in a room opposite the open corridor. Roars with Thunder smashed in Nualia’s head with his earthbreaker, putting an end to her madness.

Toilday, Lamashan 4th, 4707
Continued exploring the basement. One alcove in the sarcophagus room is empty, and a doorway is uncovered. There’s a passageway to a room with ornate murals, crumbled into a pool of water. A large crab swims out of a giant helmet to attack. Defeated, it is set aside for a mighty meal, and the party explores the depths and retrieves the helmet and various other treasures from the bottom. The halls are lit by skulls enchanted with a continual flame. Mal collects them for later use as skeletorches.

The pillar of coin is subject to a great variety of tests. It is quickly apparent that the wall is hollow behind the pillar, but there is no apparent way in. Roars with Thunder lends his Earthbreaker to Lani, but it only chips a few pieces of stone away. Mountain’s Fang climbs the pillar exploring for crevices without luck. Mal creates water to look for cracks that escaped view, but it pours down and runs away from the wall without revealing any secrets. The entire team pushes and strains against the pillar to force an opening or pivot the structure. After several hours, a slot is found in the wall at the side of the corridor, and slipping one of the gold coins from the pool opens a secret passage with ease.

Through the passage is a short hall and no sign of recent activity. A doorway is marked with a seven-pointed star (named a sehidron by the city folk), glowing with a red and orange pulsating light and none of us are inclined to get too close. Lani tells us there is a significant evil presence on the other side.

Through a more plain door in the other direction, a ghostly figure stands from a throne and begins speaking “It is upon us… Alaznist’s petty wrath”. It appears to be some sort of magical loop.

Another room between the two is filled with surgical tools and odd instruments including an amulet with a seven-pointed star. After careful deliberation, Kellus touches the amulet to the glowing door, which then slides open sideways into the walls. The room is dimly lit with many eternal candles, and there is a pit in the middle filled with fire. There is no sign of anything that should register the evil Lani described, so Mountain’s Fang enters first with Roars with Thunder, ranseur in hand in case of ambush. As she approaches a corner, a large man-wolf appears, attacking from nowhere and dropping her to unconsciousness while it blinks in and out of visibility. Kellus bravely dives in to drag Mountain’s Fang’s body out as the others retreat to regroup. From the hallway they discover that the creature cannot pass through the doorway of the room. They rest the night to heal and plan, over a meal of fresh crab.

Wealday, Lamashan 5th, 4707
The next morning, Kellus (and someone else — who?) team up with ranged spells (and something else?) to attack the wolf-monster-man through the doorway. It seems almost unfair until they think back on how dangerous it was up close. The rest of the day is spent resting, finishing the crab, and planning how to transport all of the equipment and artifacts back to Sandpoint. The ashes of Nualia’s father are collected to return to the cemetery.


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