Mysteries of Golarion

Book 1, Part 2: Local Heroes

New allies emerge

Fireday, Rova 23rd, 4707

Early the next day, Sheriff Belor Hemlock sought the heroes aid. He shared a discovery that there were reports of a goblin in the boneyard behind the new cathedral. The heroes went with him. There, they discovered eviedence of a humanoid sized creature along with goblins fixing a ladder to the fence. They surmised that this must have been the way the goblins began their raid. Looking into the open mausoleum, the heroes discovered that the body of the previous priest, Father Tobyn, was missing. Whoever stole the body left behind two magically animated skeletons to fight any who sought clues. The heroes dispatched the unnatural creatures and left the tomb deeply shaken. Sheriff Hemlock asked that they do not reveal this discovery to the already beleaguered townsfolk. He also noted that he’d inform the heroes of any new events that may require their special attention.

Being local heroes had its privileges as well as its pitfalls. Townspeople were eager to show their appreciation. The local baker offered a loaf of bread. A young woman by the name of Shayliss Vinder offered substantially more. Maledictus, fresh from a triumph on the battle field after years of being cramped in a study, was eager to experience what life in Sandpoint had to offer and so, despite running afoul of Mr. Vinder, found a way to insure that Shayliss’ generosity would not go unaccepted. That, however, happened later that evening.

The second day in Sandpoint was pleasant and the day eased into evening. Aldren Foxglove was as good as his word. He treated the heroes to a lavish feast (beyond the promises of Ameiko Kaijitsu‘s room and board). Aldren was witty and sophisticated though sometimes seemingly too eager to engage the heroes in stories about their own lives. He found the Shoanti, particularly Mountain’s Fang to be objects of utter fascination. Strange though it may seem, there was something about the powerful Shoanti warrior that mesmerized Foxglove.

Eager to make new friends, Aldren invited the heroes on a boar hunt. They’d have to be ready the next day but he promised the nearby Tickwood forest was teeming with wildlife.

During that evening as the heroes waited for their meal, an elderly Tian man entered The Rusty Dragon. He and Amieko had an altercation wherein he pulled her by the hair but she defended herself by hitting the man with a soup ladle. Humiliated, the elder left the inn. It was later revealed that he was Amikeo’s father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu.

Starday, Rova 24th, 4707

In the morning, Foxglove’s generosity was again made clear. He purchased riding horses for each one of his saviours. So equipped, he led them toward the hunting ground. It wasn’t long before a boar was in their sights. Astonishingly, Aldren (though admittedly no warrior) proved himself to be, if not skilled at least lucky with a bow. He scored a number of stupendous hits and helped greatly in bringing the beast down.

The party rode back into town and presented the boar to Ameiko. She prepared it for dinner.

The heroes decided to explore their new home base for the afternoon. Their peaceful day of touring was interrupted by a woman who claimed there was a goblin in her home. Her husband had gone to look into it and she fled, seeking the heroes. Indeed, the heroes did find the husband and the goblin – but the man (and his pet dog) were dead – slain by the goblin in the closet. Though the heroes easily bested the little beast, a slight shine was taken from their title “heroes of Sandpoint”. Alas…no good lasts long in this little town on the coast.

Shortly afterward, the town was alive with rumour. The mysterious but respected Shalelu Andosana, a beautiful Elven ranger had returned to Sandpoint, but she did not look herself. Worse, she was early. This could only bode ill for the town.

The heroes were finally formally introduced to Mayor Kendra Deverin. In the mayor’s office sat Shalelu herself. She had heard of the heroes of Sandpoint already and was thoroughly impressed by their exploits. She, at Hemlock’s request, related her fears and discoveries to the heroes: that the goblin tribes were uniting under some unknown power and that she feared for the future safety of the town.

Sheriff Hemlock asked the heroes to stay in town while he headed north to Magnimar to seek additional troops to deal with any potential new dangers from the goblin tribes.

During the meal, the heroes shared stories. Aldren, getting somewhat into his cups, began teasing Roars with Thunder about the boar hunt – particularly about how Aldren himself was more effective than Roars was. The Shoanti was not amused.

The heroes turned in for the evening after hearing much from Shalelu about the various goblin tribes and their leaders. The next morning held new surprises.

Sunday, Rova 25th, 4707

Upon waking, the heroes were met by Bethana Corwin, a halfling who worked at The Rusty Dragon. She showed the heroes a translated note she’d found in Amiko’s room.

Pf tsuto s letter

She feared for her employer and long time friend and asked the heroes to seek her out to ensure she was safe.

Wishing to help a new friend, the heroes complied. They headed toward the glass works.


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