A loyal and brave Shoanti badgerhound, in all ways superior to Cheliaxian pets of any variety


Intimidating, powerful, breath-taking: these adjectives are scarcely adequate to describe the majesty of a Shoanti badgerhound. These apex predators are feared and respected on the Varisian plains and venerated among the Shoanti as harbingers of prosperity and fortune.

Longfrank is the finest specimen of these hunters, a master of his kind.

Swept up with a wanderlust, the young pup set out to explore his native Varisia, meeting unimaginable perils along the way with characteristic unflappable courage. Stopping one day to rest in Magnimar, Longfrank espied a noble blood-drenched Shoanti warrior exiting the local coliseum.

“At last,” thought Longfrank, “a companion worthy of my heroic dogliness.”

The two soon forged an inseparable bond, a bond that has grown even stronger after a near-death encounter on the Gral farmstead. What the future holds for these two brothers is uncertain, but it will doubtlessly be immortalized in Varisian ballads for generations to come.


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