Eyes of Arcane Insight

These blue-tinted goggles are cool to the touch, and dizzying when first worn. Wearing them reveals slight ripples in the air, although one untrained in magic can make very little of what he or she sees.


Eyes of Arcane Insight Price 2500 gp
Aura faint divination CL 3rd Weight
These sturdy blue-tinted goggles are set in a leather frame and include a leather neckstrap. When worn, they are capable of focusing the wearer’s eyes on the arcane, granting him a +5 bonus to Spellcraft checks. Both lenses must be worn for the item’s bonus to apply.
Construction Requirements Cost 1250 gp
Craft Wondrous Item, fox’s cunning or identify


Created by Kellus to counter perceived failings in his magical abilities. After all, every wizard is bad at some types of magic.

Eyes of Arcane Insight

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