Mysteries of Golarion

Sandpoint Mirror
First Impressions

Sandpoint mirror

Hanging from a bent nail at both the gatehouse and the southern bridge is a sign and a mirror — painted on each sign is the message: “Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!”

Players: any one who writes in character about their first encounter with this sign earns bonus XP to be spent toward an XP Boon.

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Mountain’s Fang meets the Mirror

Finally, Roars with Thunder and I arrived in Sandpoint.

At the gatehouse, we encountered a strange sign, first welcoming us and then stating “See yourself as we see you”. The city folk I’ve met on rare occasions treat Shoanti like uncivilized imbeciles. Why should I see myself in those eyes and enter their town with that in my heart? Why would they greet me with such demands in the guise of a welcome? It’s so rude!

I turned my head to share my outrage with Roars, but was distracted by a reflection from a shiny plate above the sign. It appeared to be metal, but reflected the sun as even the unused axe cannot. As I peered closer, there was movement. Nothing from the gate itself, or behind me, but in the metal itself!

The face of a young warrior appeared, road-weary, but frowning in suspicion at me with the hawk totem above her eyes. I turned my head to point this out to wave Roars over, and she turned too… I peered back into the metal, investigating from various angles, and noticed the warrior inside wearing the same armor and shield as me, peering and reacting as I did. It was as though the surface of the calmest lake had been stripped from the land beneath and fastened to the sheet of metal through some strange magic. Was this warrior really what others saw when they looked at me? I reached out to touch the plate and called for Roars to see this mystery. Maybe a thunder caller would know of such things. The warrior’s finger met my own.

Perhaps this is what the sign meant, then, and not offense. Viewing myself from the outside, as the townfolk would. They would see me as a young warrior returning home from a great quest! I grinned with pride, and the woman in the plate bared fierce and chew-stained teeth in return.

Lani’s Lonely road home

Home. The notion espouses a sense of safety, security, peace. At least it should. This place was home for 3/4 of my life. Returning now, after so much has happened, I wonder, will it ever feel like home again? I have so many memories of this place – some good, but come to think of it, mostly bad. My family never appreciated the talents they taught me. I was never good enough, always falling short. I felt cut off, rejected, lonely and bitter. Looking back, did I ever really think of this place as home? I thought of the Grand Lodge in Absalom as my home for the last few years, but was it really? It held a little safety, but not much security or peace.

My heavy footsteps kick up dust along the road. In the distance I see the sign that should say I’m home. But does it anymore? I’m so tired. The sign that proclaims the town’s name as “Sandpoint” is only a hundred yards away from me. It says “Welcome”, but I wonder if I’ll ever be welcome anywhere. It takes me too long to reach the sign. My ravaged feet just don’t move as fast as they should. The mirror is still there, attached to the sign. The caption still says “Please stop to see yourself as we see you”. Do I dare lower my hood and take a look? I peer around and see no one within sight. I lower my hood. The bright noon sunlight stings my eyes, burns my skin. I look in the mirror. The ruin of a face that stares back at me is unrecognizable. The reflection shows me my skin still blackened, scarred and burned; my hair continually falling out in little clumps – it’s amazing I still have any left; the almost complete lack of a nose highlighting the devastation my face has endured. The only remotely recognizable features are my eyes. Even those I have a hard time recognizing. They were desperate for any kind of acceptance when I left. Now, they’re just weary, oh so weary.

I raise my hood and cloak my face in darkness again. I slowly walk past the sign, leaving its blasted mirror behind me. I wonder if my little house with the small front shop is still standing. I wonder what it will cost me to buy it back. Oh well. Maybe my cousin still owns one of the inns in town. I wonder if she’ll recognize me. At this point, I almost hope she doesn’t.

I feel so drained. I just want a place to call home.

Mal Comes to Sandpoint

“Welcome to Sandpoint” the sign read. I chuckled, though there was no mirth to it. Whatever drew me here, I don’t think it’ll be welcoming.

A fragment of mirror hung on a nail above some smaller writing. I drew closer to read it. “Please stop to see yourself as we see you.” That took me aback. I’ve never been a fan of mirrors – they only show you the truth.

I hazarded a glance, quickly averting my eyes as soon as I met my own pallid gaze. Nothing. I risked a longer look, taking in my face as I’d not for a very long time. How long had it been since I’d looked in a mirror really? A year? Two? Whatever it was I scarce recognized the face that gazed back at me. The tattoos were the same, the hoarfrost eyes, but they belonged now to a man, not a boy.

There was a movement behind me, a flash of something. I turned, expecting to find Kellus but there was nothing. Kellus was already a dozen yards down the path ahead, beckoning me to join him. I returned my attention to the mirror. Movement again, and again, but it seemed to flee and dart away as soon as I tried to focus on it.

I let my eyes relax, tried to look through the mirror rather than at it. Suddenly I could see it, as clearly as if it were walking past a window. It didn’t have a body or a real form, just a shape in the air like a heat-haze off a hot road – vaguely humanoid and darting around me erratically like a midge. Tearing my eyes away from the apparition I met my own gaze in the mirror and it was all I could do to stifle the scream that gripped my throat.

The face was my own, but at the same time a visage I’d never seen before. The eyes were narrow and slitted like a serpent’s, the ears long and pointed. The mouth, framed by a small black beard, split in a wide, cruel revealing a mouth brimming with sharp and jagged teeth.

A felt a hand grip my shoulder and spun, dropping in a feral crouch. Kellus seemed nearly as shocked as I, his eyes darting to my fist – raised and ready to strike. I stood, brushing off his concern with a forced casual laugh and a muttered a half-hearted excuse about the stress of the journey. As we moved past the signpost I risked a last glance at the mirror and saw only my own face looking back.

I didn’t know what to make of what I’d seen, but of one thing I was absolutely certain: if that was how the people of this town really saw me my time in Sandpoint is going to be very interesting indeed

Book 1, Part 1: Festival and Fire
And so it begins...

Oathday, Rova 22nd, 4707

The town of Sandpoint was bursting with life. Children play in the midway, young men attempt to impress the local girls with feats of strength and more than one stranger from outside the town mingle amid the happy citizens. It has been several years since the town’s chapel burnt down during The Late Unpleasantness but not even such dark deeds could undo the resolve the the townsfolk.

Today, during the Swallowtail Festival the temple is being rededicated by Father Abstalar Zantus. He is not the only dignitary in attendance. Kendra Deverin and the stern but (mostly) beloved Sheriff Belor Hemlock all make brief speeches at the re-dedication ceremony. As Father Zantus prepared to make his opening remarks, a dog’s pitiful howl was heard. The people turned in disbelief to witness their town was under attack. A goblin raid was underway.

Most of the townspeople fled but five heroes stood. Among them was the noble but wayward Lani Kaijitsu. A member of a founding family of Sandpoint yet he was not among the most favoured of that clan’s sons. Nonethless, he rallied the the stalwart strangers, taking the lead against the goblins and inspiring the stern hearted to follow.

Two Shoanti, in town for reasons known only to them, joined the fray. They were Roars with Thunder and his cousin, Mountain’s Fang.
Though the Shoanti were strangers they felt more than equal to the task. Shockingly, they were not alone. Nor were they to be left alone to wield their weapons in a crimson mist.

Two strangers of a different race appeared amid the fray. One, a strangely adorned and aloof figure named Maledictus the other, by far the more composed yet in no way shy was called Kellus Agrippian. Together, the heroes pushed back the Goblin raiders. In the confusion, the noble (but exhausted) Lani succumbed to his injuries, leaving it to the others to continue the fight.

And continue they did. Clearing the central square of the town, the newly formed band moved as one when they heard a cry ring out by the northern gate. A nobleman lay on the ground and standing over him was a furious goblin mounted on one of their vulgar mounts.

The goblins, expecting little resistance from the terrified townsfolk found themselves outmatched by the travelling heroes. Though much blood was spilled the foursome were triumphant. The noble, a genteel man by the name of Aldren Foxglove was moved nearly to tears. He thanked the heroes deeply and invited them to dinner at the The Rusty Dragon Inn tomorrow evening.

It was not long before the heroes were being lauded by the entire town. If it wasn’t for them, even more innocent lives would have been lost. Among the grateful was the lovely Ameiko Kaijitsu, patroness of the Rusty Dragon Inn. Wishing to repay the heroes, she offered them free room and board for a week.

The heroes, now uneasy allies, gratefully accepted this offer.

Book 1, Part 2: Local Heroes
New allies emerge

Fireday, Rova 23rd, 4707

Early the next day, Sheriff Belor Hemlock sought the heroes aid. He shared a discovery that there were reports of a goblin in the boneyard behind the new cathedral. The heroes went with him. There, they discovered eviedence of a humanoid sized creature along with goblins fixing a ladder to the fence. They surmised that this must have been the way the goblins began their raid. Looking into the open mausoleum, the heroes discovered that the body of the previous priest, Father Tobyn, was missing. Whoever stole the body left behind two magically animated skeletons to fight any who sought clues. The heroes dispatched the unnatural creatures and left the tomb deeply shaken. Sheriff Hemlock asked that they do not reveal this discovery to the already beleaguered townsfolk. He also noted that he’d inform the heroes of any new events that may require their special attention.

Being local heroes had its privileges as well as its pitfalls. Townspeople were eager to show their appreciation. The local baker offered a loaf of bread. A young woman by the name of Shayliss Vinder offered substantially more. Maledictus, fresh from a triumph on the battle field after years of being cramped in a study, was eager to experience what life in Sandpoint had to offer and so, despite running afoul of Mr. Vinder, found a way to insure that Shayliss’ generosity would not go unaccepted. That, however, happened later that evening.

The second day in Sandpoint was pleasant and the day eased into evening. Aldren Foxglove was as good as his word. He treated the heroes to a lavish feast (beyond the promises of Ameiko Kaijitsu‘s room and board). Aldren was witty and sophisticated though sometimes seemingly too eager to engage the heroes in stories about their own lives. He found the Shoanti, particularly Mountain’s Fang to be objects of utter fascination. Strange though it may seem, there was something about the powerful Shoanti warrior that mesmerized Foxglove.

Eager to make new friends, Aldren invited the heroes on a boar hunt. They’d have to be ready the next day but he promised the nearby Tickwood forest was teeming with wildlife.

During that evening as the heroes waited for their meal, an elderly Tian man entered The Rusty Dragon. He and Amieko had an altercation wherein he pulled her by the hair but she defended herself by hitting the man with a soup ladle. Humiliated, the elder left the inn. It was later revealed that he was Amikeo’s father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu.

Starday, Rova 24th, 4707

In the morning, Foxglove’s generosity was again made clear. He purchased riding horses for each one of his saviours. So equipped, he led them toward the hunting ground. It wasn’t long before a boar was in their sights. Astonishingly, Aldren (though admittedly no warrior) proved himself to be, if not skilled at least lucky with a bow. He scored a number of stupendous hits and helped greatly in bringing the beast down.

The party rode back into town and presented the boar to Ameiko. She prepared it for dinner.

The heroes decided to explore their new home base for the afternoon. Their peaceful day of touring was interrupted by a woman who claimed there was a goblin in her home. Her husband had gone to look into it and she fled, seeking the heroes. Indeed, the heroes did find the husband and the goblin – but the man (and his pet dog) were dead – slain by the goblin in the closet. Though the heroes easily bested the little beast, a slight shine was taken from their title “heroes of Sandpoint”. Alas…no good lasts long in this little town on the coast.

Shortly afterward, the town was alive with rumour. The mysterious but respected Shalelu Andosana, a beautiful Elven ranger had returned to Sandpoint, but she did not look herself. Worse, she was early. This could only bode ill for the town.

The heroes were finally formally introduced to Mayor Kendra Deverin. In the mayor’s office sat Shalelu herself. She had heard of the heroes of Sandpoint already and was thoroughly impressed by their exploits. She, at Hemlock’s request, related her fears and discoveries to the heroes: that the goblin tribes were uniting under some unknown power and that she feared for the future safety of the town.

Sheriff Hemlock asked the heroes to stay in town while he headed north to Magnimar to seek additional troops to deal with any potential new dangers from the goblin tribes.

During the meal, the heroes shared stories. Aldren, getting somewhat into his cups, began teasing Roars with Thunder about the boar hunt – particularly about how Aldren himself was more effective than Roars was. The Shoanti was not amused.

The heroes turned in for the evening after hearing much from Shalelu about the various goblin tribes and their leaders. The next morning held new surprises.

Sunday, Rova 25th, 4707

Upon waking, the heroes were met by Bethana Corwin, a halfling who worked at The Rusty Dragon. She showed the heroes a translated note she’d found in Amiko’s room.

Pf tsuto s letter

She feared for her employer and long time friend and asked the heroes to seek her out to ensure she was safe.

Wishing to help a new friend, the heroes complied. They headed toward the glass works.

Book 1, Part 3: Glass and Wrath
A demonic secret revealed.

Sunday, Rova 25th, 4707 continued…

-Heroes arrive at Glassworks. Find the goblins destroying things and playing with fire. To their horror, the heroes find the body of Lonjiku Kaijitsu covered in lairs of glass. The heroes dispatch the goblins and follow one downstairs.

Down the stairs, the heroes uncover a passage and come upon Tsuto Kaijitsu leading the goblins. An able warrior, he is defeated but not killed. On his person, they found his journal.

In the small storage area nearby they find Ameiko Kaijitsu bound and beaten. She is healed and tells that her half-brother has gone mad. He had asked her to join his insane crusade against the town of Sandpoint. When she refused, he set his goblins upon her. The heroes soon after encounter Tsuto Kaijitsu. Ameiko translates the journal:


The heroes bring Tsuto to the Sandpoint Garrison to await Sheriff Belor Hemlock in order to deal with the prisoner through appropriate legal channels. The heroes grew anxious when Tsuto mentioned that an evil from below the city would rise to attack the town.

With these fears in mind, the heroes plan a return to the Glassworks.

Moonday, Rova 26th, 4707

This day is spent preparing healing scrolls and other supplies for an exploration through the smuggler’s tunnel, and discussing the possible meaning behind this plot.

Toilday, Rova 27th, 4707

The heroes find the rumoured smuggler’s tunnel beneath the Sandpoint Glassworks. The tunnel is very long and ill crafted. After some time it branches off. One branch heads toward the shoreline, the other heads below the town itself. A bricked-up doorway had recently been smashed down revealing a far older structure below.

Inside was a foul mockery of a humanoid, a foul creature with a long, split jaw and an evil shout.

The Heroes continued, finding a statue of a beautiful but furious looking woman made from red stone.

They found a baptismal fountain filled with evil water, known as The Waters of Lamashtu.
The heroes proceeded to a huge underground cathedral and there fought a tiny demon, possibly the same quasit referred to in Tsuto’s journal. She was in command of a strange triangular pool of translucent orange fluid. Spilling her own blood activated the device and from it sprung another of the split jawed creatures they’d encountered earlier.

After a long and dangerous battle, the heroes triumphed over the tiny demon. Backtracking, they sought more clues about the origins of this strange place. Entering an ancient prison, they were ambushed by still more of the split jawed creatures. So vicious was the attack that the might Roars with Thunder fell into unconsciousness.

The mystical powers of Maledictus were enough to wake the warchanter yet the party resources grew more and more scarce.

The found a torture chamber with deformed skeletons in the cells.

Proceeding east the heroes met with a mutated and twisted goblin named Korvus, watching over pits filled with zombies.

They found a haunted and buried-in stairwell heading down. On the wall scribbles in Thassalonian appeared on the wall.

A magical meditation sphere was also discovered.

A deomon that shrieked also attacked the heroes.

So too was a staircase going up into the town.

Having investigated the full ruin, the heroes headed upstairs and kept guards on the door leading into the smuggler’s tunnel, sending guards to the zombie pits with instructions on how to destroy them without being injured.

The following days were spent in rest, purchases and preparation, awaiting the return of Sheriff Hemlock.

Wealday, Rova 28, 4707

A Pearl of Power was crafted by Kellus Agrippian.
Maledictus and Roars with Thunder discuss possible experiments involving local wildlife and the The Waters of Lamashtu.

Oathday, Rova 29, 4707

In the morning, having overheard some of the whispered plans, Kellus Agrippian invites Roars with Thunder boar hunting in the hopes of distracting him. The hunt is lively and they return with another boar for The Rusty Dragon. On their journey back to town, Kellus shares tales of the contest at The Hagfish.

In that time, Maledictus begins to study Sandpoint’s alleys and rooftops, as he did the dark corners of Magnimar. Mountain’s Fang spends the morning patrolling the town’s perimeter, exercising Devilsbane and watching for unusual activity.

The afternoon is spent quietly, Kellus crafting a Cloak of Resistance for Maledictus, Roars with Thunder training his gut for the grotesque challenge, and Mountain’s Fang revisiting her meditation rock overlooking Chopper’s Isle. Brodert Quink has been watching her with interest throughout the week, and she stops to inquire. He shares his theory that the Old Light has the power of an ancient people.

The evening starts with a bang as Roars with Thunder kicks open the door to The Hagfish and declares himself for the challenge. The locals are eager to watch one of the heroes of Sandpoint put in his place and everyone watches in a mix of horror and amusement as the gloppy hagfish water is served to him. Like a true warrior, he throws the glass back in one smooth movement — three smooth glugs and slammed it down in triumph without a twitch. (Maybe a little one.)

Kellus notices guards looking around, but leaving without a word upon recognizing us, sparking a disconcerted debate about what might be happening. The heroes return to The Rusty Dragon to plan for the next morning, and discover that Belor Hemlock has returned with the reinforcements.

Book 1, Part 4: Thistletop

Fireday, Rova 30th, 4707
Roars with Thunder is worse for wear after the hagfish water, and the morning is spent picking goodberries, while Maledictus foolishly attempts to wake him. After a lunch of boar, the heroes meet with Sheriff Hemlock, who is displeased over the festivities of the night before. He grudgingly acknowledges the work we did in protecting the town in his absence, but argues with Maledictus about whether it gave us the right to rest.

Mountain’s Fang shares the observations about The Old Light, but the Sheriff dismisses it as crazed ramblings, despite our reports of a twisted ruin underneath Sandpoint. Belor does feel the Thistletop tribe warrants further investigation.

The heroes proceeded to the office of Mayor Deverin and planned their next steps with her and Shalelu Andosana. Shalelu will attempt to frame the death of Korvus on one of the other goblin tribes, while the heroes attack Thistletop and attempt to pin it on a different tribe to rekindle the old rivalries and distract them from the plot against Sandpoint. Maledictus will disguise himself as Tsuto, in an attempt to reach the leadership unchallenged.

Upon returning to The Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu introduces the Heroes of Sandpoint to… the OTHER hero of Sandpoint, Lani Kaijitsu. We’ve heard mutterings from time to time, but nobody has shared details. He’s a (former?) Pathfinder interested in ensuring that someone local is representing Sandpoint’s interests in the attack on Thistletop, and Ameiko recommends him as someone trustworthy.

Starday, Lamashan 1st, 4707
The heroes finish repreparations, gathering healing resources and equipment and finalizing their plans to reach Thistletop the next day.

Sunday, Lamashan 2nd, 4707
It takes 5 hours afoot to reach the nettled edges of the Thistletop goblin tribe, and 2 hours to find any sign of civilization once the heroes arrive. Lani Kaijitsu sets a trap at the entrance we find, so goblins entering or leaving after us will be hung or possibly flung from the bushes.

The party follows a trail of some large dragged object into a den of goblin dogs and then happens upon a large group of goblins, getting the jump on them. The goblins attempted to charge in, one gutted and sent flying by Mountain’s Fang‘s ranseur. Kellus Agrippian called a rain of stones from the sky dropping all of the others to everyone’s astonishing and impressing everyone including himself.

Finally, a bridge to Thistletop Isle came in sight. As the party stepped into the pathway, a caster commanded the nettles to entangle them.

Lani Kaijitsu noticed a trap on the bridge, and so Maledictus, as the lightest member of the group, crossed in disguise with a rope only to be ambushed by goblins on dogs.

Attack the and clear the main floor of the goblin fortress. Head downstairs and encounter an aberration in the basement cave exit that nearly took Roars with Thunder out, set traps and camp in the upstairs.

Moonday, Lamashan 3rd, 4707
Gather the traps and return downstairs, meet Orik Vancaskerkin and convince him to abandon Nualia and talk to the Sandpoint guard about working with them instead. He says he owes the party a favour for sparing his life. Uncover another worship centre to Lamashtu, and Lyrie who has been conducting research for Nualia. Lani thinks she might now be able to join the Pathfinders and has written a letter of introduction to distance her from Nualia and the evil she is perpetrating.

Exploring the basement, we passed by a mysterious carving of a pillar of coins, wrapped in an enchantment to make them shine and glitter like real coins. Shadows attacked from a room filled with sarcophagi. They were strong against our weapons, and their touch sapped Roars with Thunder of his strength, but Mal’s spells were able to defeat them.

We found Nualia (and her pet?) in a room opposite the open corridor. Roars with Thunder smashed in Nualia’s head with his earthbreaker, putting an end to her madness.

Toilday, Lamashan 4th, 4707
Continued exploring the basement. One alcove in the sarcophagus room is empty, and a doorway is uncovered. There’s a passageway to a room with ornate murals, crumbled into a pool of water. A large crab swims out of a giant helmet to attack. Defeated, it is set aside for a mighty meal, and the party explores the depths and retrieves the helmet and various other treasures from the bottom. The halls are lit by skulls enchanted with a continual flame. Mal collects them for later use as skeletorches.

The pillar of coin is subject to a great variety of tests. It is quickly apparent that the wall is hollow behind the pillar, but there is no apparent way in. Roars with Thunder lends his Earthbreaker to Lani, but it only chips a few pieces of stone away. Mountain’s Fang climbs the pillar exploring for crevices without luck. Mal creates water to look for cracks that escaped view, but it pours down and runs away from the wall without revealing any secrets. The entire team pushes and strains against the pillar to force an opening or pivot the structure. After several hours, a slot is found in the wall at the side of the corridor, and slipping one of the gold coins from the pool opens a secret passage with ease.

Through the passage is a short hall and no sign of recent activity. A doorway is marked with a seven-pointed star (named a sehidron by the city folk), glowing with a red and orange pulsating light and none of us are inclined to get too close. Lani tells us there is a significant evil presence on the other side.

Through a more plain door in the other direction, a ghostly figure stands from a throne and begins speaking “It is upon us… Alaznist’s petty wrath”. It appears to be some sort of magical loop.

Another room between the two is filled with surgical tools and odd instruments including an amulet with a seven-pointed star. After careful deliberation, Kellus touches the amulet to the glowing door, which then slides open sideways into the walls. The room is dimly lit with many eternal candles, and there is a pit in the middle filled with fire. There is no sign of anything that should register the evil Lani described, so Mountain’s Fang enters first with Roars with Thunder, ranseur in hand in case of ambush. As she approaches a corner, a large man-wolf appears, attacking from nowhere and dropping her to unconsciousness while it blinks in and out of visibility. Kellus bravely dives in to drag Mountain’s Fang’s body out as the others retreat to regroup. From the hallway they discover that the creature cannot pass through the doorway of the room. They rest the night to heal and plan, over a meal of fresh crab.

Wealday, Lamashan 5th, 4707
The next morning, Kellus (and someone else — who?) team up with ranged spells (and something else?) to attack the wolf-monster-man through the doorway. It seems almost unfair until they think back on how dangerous it was up close. The rest of the day is spent resting, finishing the crab, and planning how to transport all of the equipment and artifacts back to Sandpoint. The ashes of Nualia’s father are collected to return to the cemetery.

Book 2, Part 1: Murder Most Foul

Oathday, Lamashan 6th, 4707
The morning is spent walking to Sandpoint. First stop is the Mayor’s office, who says that Sheriff Hemlock as been looking for us for the past two days. We share news of the victory at Thistletop and our confirmation of Nualia’s presence and corruption. Upon seeing Nualia’s body, Mayor Deverin sends us to Father Zantus consecrate the bodies before checking in with the Sheriff.

There is no love lost between us and the Sheriff, so we stop in quickly at The Rusty Dragon first. Ameiko says that the town has been quiet while we were gone, but when we reach the Sheriff’s office we learn it has been anything but.

There was a double-murder last night (Wealday) at the sawmill: Katrine (sister of Shayliss) and millworker Harker. The night before (Toilday) there had been a murder just outside of town at barn. Three con men were killed and their bodyguard survived, but left insane with a bite mark on his shoulder, raving about “the one”.

There was a note at the first scene, addressed to Mountain’s Fang, raving about learning to love the author and offering to end the nightmares if she gave herself to “the pack”. Upon reading it, she threw the paper in disgust, naming Aldren Foxglove as the writer, after all the attention he’d paid to her since the goblin attack.

Sheriff Hemlock starts when he notices the sehidron amulet around Kellus’ neck. All four men killed in the past two days had that shape carved into their chests. (Strangely, Katrine did not.)

After some discussion, the heroes split to investigate both murders as quickly as possible. Roars with Thunder and Mountain’s Fang head to the sawmill to see if there are any other clues, such as another note. There was nothing to see there aside from the fact that one of the bodies was torn apart by the mill’s saw.

Book 2, Part 2: The Thing in the Attic

Oathday, Lamashan 6th, 4707
At the same time, Mal, Kellus, and Lani headed to Habe‘s Sanitarium where the bodyguard was sent, to question him about what he saw. The main entry is empty aside from a bell pull, and while they looked around, Lani noted his compass pointing to an evil deeper into the building. Habe appeared upon ringing the bell, but says he’s too busy to waste time with them and to risk his patients’ well-being. Kellus sweet-talks them in. They ring had no interest in letting them in, but they finally convinced him a short interview would satisfy them.

The bodyguard, Graste, looks deformed and ill, close to death. Kellus and Mal identify that he has Ghoul Fever and is likely to rise as an undead creature before the night is out. Graste raves, talking of the skinsaw man with too many teeth, needing razors, and SHE is the one he’s jealous of… Mountain’s Fang. He has a message for her, so Mal heads around the corner and alters his appearance to make it seem she is present. Graste will only speak to him (her) in the cell, after he hears the clink of the lock, so Lani quietly locks the cell so that the clink leaves the cell still open. Sure enough, Graste begins raving again, that only HE can love the master, then rips out of his straightjacket and lunges at Mal. The group moves quickly and Mal escapes unscathed, Habe screeching in concern for the well-being of his patient, demanding that everyone leave as though his patient had not just tried to kill one of them.

They still haven’t found the evil that Lani noted earlier, and there’s clearly something wrong with this place that warrants more investigation. So Kellus enthralls Habe with talk of his most recent annoyances, and the others scurry down the hall. He’s done this sort of thing before, it seems, as Mal knows he and Lani have time to return to Sandpoint for backup, filling in Roars with Thunder and Mountain’s Fang on way back. The four of them explore the lower floors of the Sanitarium, finding a sleeping tiefling (Gorink (whose door they quietly jam behind them on the way out) and in the next room his tiefling brother Gordus. Gordus is suspicious of their claims that Habe agreed to an investigation, but when Mal comes around the corner altered to look like Habe, he relaxes and agrees to guard the grounds to ensure no other strangers arrive. (He is led to believe his brother is already outside on rounds.)

Lani opens a locked stairwell and the search continues for the evil thing his compass identified. As they reach the bottom of the stairs, a man in robes demands to know what they’re doing. He claims to fund the Sanitarium and identifies himself as “my name is you can leave my house now”. He is intently suspicious of the group’s claims to be legitimate investigators and gives roundabout answers to questions about the transformation about to happen upstairs, or any knowledge of recent events. Mountain’s Fang finds a map with markers including the locations of the two recent murders, and the man then claims knowledge of them only in relation to Graste’s appearance.

Roars with Thunder finally loses it and demands “Are you an evil wizard or evil cleric?” The man replies calmly “Are you a stupid warrior or travelling musician?” and Roars with Thunder swings his earthbreaker.

With a message spell up that was cast on arrival at the Sanitarium, Kellus bowed out of his enthrall spell as soon as Roars with Thunder made his demand, dashing downstairs to prevent the situation from going sour. As Roars with Thunder began the upswing of his earthbreaker, Mal magically held the robed man. Lani set his bow to react to any opposed spellcasting, as Roars with Thunder finished the downstroke crushing his target. Mountain’s Fang slashed at him with her claws. Kellus came down the stairs just in time to see Roars with Thunder land a devastating blow with his earthbreaker, reducing the robed man to a pile of goo with a miraculously intact skull.

In hushed but intense tones, Lani and Kellus immediately began demanding to know why it was necessary to attack the man who could have been questioned further or arrested. Mountain’s Fang and Roars with Thunder were adamant the man was finished talking, was deeply evil by Lani’s own tracking, and was involved in raising undead. Killing him was the right thing. Mal remained silent by the stairs, avoiding notice by all parties.

On hearing movement away from the door upstairs, the group decided to finish searching the now-vacant basement, collecting all of the papers and supplies they could find. As they finished up, Kellus encountered a room filled with zombies that poured out as he squeaked away. Lani and Mal sustained some injuries while the Shoanti tore through the vile creatures.

The small lab now covered in body parts both fresh and rotting, the group decided it was time to make an exit. Roars with Thunder fashioned a suicide note in the now-confirmed wizard’s hand, while Kellus listened at the door and Mal prepared a final quick disguise. Mal strode out to find a dark room and the tiefling brothers guarding the door a short distance away.

[Bring Sheriff in to deal with the legal issues of the building.]

Book 2, Part 3: Walking Scarecrows

Fireday, Lamashan 7th, 4707
Early in the morning, farmer arrives raving about Hambly Farm being attacked 4 days ago. There’s a corn maize and scarecrows attacking people. Investigate, clear out ghouls (disguised as scarecrows), careful to note 2 locals (girl and father) who were strung up and left for dead (with ghoul fever), sent them to retrieve healing and Father Zantus AFTER Mal cast restoration to buy them time. Ghouls infest farmhouse, farmer with carved sihedron, note to MF from Your Lordship, chest of gold.

Book 2, Part 4: The Misgivings

Starday, Lamashan 8th, 4707
Talk to mayor and learn of Hambley heirs, learn of Aldren’s family home and it’s “misgivings” nickname. Gather some information and head to investigate. (Kellus with intent to warn, Mountain’s Fang and Roars with Thunder with intent to kill, Mal presumably to watch with entertainment and Lani to ensure the townfolk are safe.

Seabirds soar in the distance, zombie crows up close. Down the well, face large bat-ghoul (shathy-something), clear nest of ghouls and get ambushed by undead goblins.

Find Aldren-ghast who is unnaturally fast and speaks with fear of “the hurter” coming before attempting to woo Mountain’s Fang with a flesh-covered painting. Killed (to dust) with great difficulty, Kellus refuses to believe it was really him. Head upstairs. Haunts: Mountain’s Fang attacked by ghoul-haunt, Lani with “save my daughter” haunt, triggering rat swarm, and shook off a final haunt (encountered thus far). Proceeding upstairs, Lani takes a defensive position in the back of the group, remaining in the hall until rooms are deemed safe enough for him to continue.

One such room contains a large piano which begins to play. Roars with Thunder begins to dance a fine Shoanti river dance before becoming enchanted by a haunt of a beautiful woman accompanying him in an outlander dance. Mountain’s Fang grapples him and the woman shrivels and withers into a horror before disappearing.

In another room, Roars with Thunder again is attacked, this time as a red scarf wraps itself around his neck, Aldren Foxglove strangling him while Roars with Thunder is overwhelmed with the sense of being Foxglove’s wife. (Wife!?) Mountain’s Fang leaps to his aid, ripping the scarf from his throat with ease. Kellus finds great entertainment in this and torments Roars with Thunder about the “scarf of Shoanti-strangling” at every opportunity.

Found portraits that look like family: Aldren Foxglove and his wife Aisha (Roars with Thunder recognizes her from the dance), Ziva, Sendeli, his siblings (?). Vorel Foxglove looks nearly the spitting image of Aldren, although older, and appears to be his grandfather. Kassandra (grandmother?). Mountain’s Fang, paranoid about her cousin’s safety, grabs a dagger from its position on a nightstand, while everyone else exclaims that it’s simply a piece of wood. Mal sets it on fire, and she snaps out of the vision and throws the dagger from the nearby window to ensure it cannot harm anyone else in the room.

Another room is filled with stained glass images and furnishings. Kellus, who has been tormenting Roars with Thunder about the scarf incident, suddenly throws himself through a window on the far side of the room, stopped from falling into the sea only by stabbing himself on the weathervane of the level below. The group works together to pull him back up, and they proceed cautiously to the topmost floor. There is a room filled with books in great disrepair (which Mal immediately begins gathering). Another room nearby contains a battered telescope and a body wrapped in cloth; the body of a pale woman with dark hair… Aisha!

Finally, confident that the mansion does not contain a living Aldren Foxglove (as Kellus continues to maintain the ghast in the basement was an imposter), and that there are no other victims present, the group makes a hasty retreat to the main doors… only to find the zombie crows have gathered into a violent swarm that tried to overwhelm the exit. The party, already on edge, cut it down around them with ease.

The return to Sandpoint was relatively peaceful, aside from glares between Kellus and Roars with Thunder, as Lani makes sure to ride between them. Upon delivering Aisha’s body to Father Zantus, he reveals she was a travelling Varisian, married to Aldren just 8 months ago.


Starday, Lamashan 8th, 4707
The group weary from the horrors of the past three days, go their separate ways upon returning from The Misgivings.
Mal begins unpacking and examining his rescued books.
Roars with Thunder visits The Hagfish for a pint of brew (or three) and tales of adventure.
Mountain’s Fang wanders to her meditation point on the edge of the Old Light, staring out over at Chopper’s Isle. The angle of the sun falling in the sky highlights what seems to be a partial staircase along the top of the Isle, and a dilapidated structure above.
Kellus and Lani make way to the Rusty Dragon in silence.
Lani sits at the bar by his cousin Ameiko, and laments the chaos of the “Heroes of Sandpoint”. Ameiko seems especially relieved to see him, and relays news that Shalelu seems to be missing. Evidence of a struggle was found 6 days ago, involving goblins, bugbears, and Shalelu herself guessing from the feathers they found, which matched the ones from her hair.
Kellus… what WAS Kellus doing that night?

Sunday, Lamashan 9th, 4707
The next morning, Lani relays this news to the rest of the group, and they head to Sheriff Hemlock for more information. There, he confirms the story, and also requests that they aid in transporting Tsuto to Magnimar for justice. The guards brought from the city must also return, but he’d like extra muscle and events in the town seem to have settled down for now.

- Retrieving mirror from Turanardock Academy, magical orphanage run by Ilsury Bandothas
- Kellus and Lani return the favour by illustrating the use of a scrying spell
- Mal and Mountain’s Fan explore Chopper’s Isle, which has fascinated and/or concerned them both since first hearing of the late unpleasantness.
- Roars with Thunder spends the day crafting in a meditative trance.

Moonday, Lamashan 10, 4707
- Scrye upon Shalelu, who is bound in a corner, Orik appears to be involved
- Everyone prepares to begin a search the next day, and the magically-inclined spend their extra hours finishing crafting projects to be better equipped for whatever awaits.

Toilday, Lamashan 11, 4707
- Hunters (Yaro and Taylen (sp?)) lead the group to where they noted the struggle. Roars with Thunder is able to track further down the trail, finding ruins with a large bat altar. The hunters are paid to watch the horses while the group explores a secret entrance Roars with Thunder finds under the altar.

- Liri, Orik, and an army of bugbears seem to have set up a base of operations here, along with Bruthasmus’s angry twin, Brothasmus. The bugbear thugs sniff out Roars with Thunder and Kellus and Lani step forward to battle them. Liri calls for Shalelu to be killed as soon as she recognizes the group. There is no sign or sound of Shalelu, but the room is familiar.
- Lani is infuriated by Liri’s betrayal after the assistance he provided her at Thistletop, and takes her down with a single flurry of arrows.
- Mountain’s Fang races past the bugbears, ignoring their attacks in the hope of finding Shalelu in time. She only barely reaches her, calling out for assistance.
- Mal suddenly sprouts wings of inky shadow and stands over Shalelu’s unconscious body to prevent anyone from harming her further.
- Kellus transforms himself into a bugbear and drowns several bugbears coming down the hallway from behind.
- Roars with Thunder thundercalls the backups coming from the side.
- There is an intense scuffle as the remaining bugbears, Orik, and Bruthasmus scramble for Shalelu’s body and Mal and Mountain’s Fang try to block and disable them. Lani and Roars with Thunder battle from a short distance away while Kellus continues to dispatch the stragglers. Bruthasmus fills the room with darkness, and Mal and Kellus shout directions to the others to limit the advantage it gives him.
- Eventually, the battle is over, ending at last with a mighty coup-de-grace of Brothasmus.
- Shalelu is awakened, but fearful of travelling alone at this time. Lani keeps guard over her from a short distance away, while the others explore the rest of the ruin for reinforcements or other clues about what was going on.
- [More details to be added, returned to town]

Wealday, Lamashan 12, 4707 (and Oathday 13, Fireday 14, Starday 15)
Four more days pass before the group is ready to leave for Magnimar.
- Crafting
- Mountain’s Fang, Roars with Thunder, and Lani compete head-to-head for in the Scaly Hagfish contest, with all of their travelling companions present as witness. (Lani and Roars with Thunder have been competing for the attention of Shalelu ever since the rescue.) Roars with Thunder is eliminated in the first round, but Lani and Mountain’s Fang finish in a tie decided by a storytelling competition about how they’d succeeded so readily.
- Lani: History of the hagfish contest and the desire for a woman’s affection
- Mountain’s Fang: “Biographical” story of living off hagfish water after falling into a cavern filled with hagfish and slow-moving water.
- Kellus makes an effort to sway the contest in Lani’s favour, while Roars with Thunder leans his support to Mountain’s Fang. Mal and Shalelu watch with interest and amusement.
- Mountain’s Fang wins by applause, but Lani seems fine with that as Shalelu shows great admiration for his efforts.
- Kellus splits the week between crafting and visiting the orphanage. he befriends a youth who shows some aptitude for magic. He also forms a friendly alliance with Lyrie’s cat familiar.


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