Kellus' Journal

The Journal of Kellus Agrippian

This log of events is Kellus’ personal journal. It is written in Druidic. Kellus knows of no one else who can read the language, and thinks of it as a secret language of his own invention.

Fireday, Rova 23rd, 4707

Today was less eventful than yesterday, although this town becomes more complex with every new note I discover. I now feel as though I understand some of what Mal has been saying: the four of us have come together for some reason, and Sandpoint is certainly a nexus of strange events.

I invited Roars out with me to find suitable healing berries, but he seemed insulted at the thought. I will have to think of better ways to approach the brute. Fang came with me instead, and seemed grateful for the additional restoration. I have indeed misjudged Mountain’s Fang. While young and unaware of civilized customs, she is certainly not a criminal like the Shoanti in Magnimar. Perhaps the walls are not suitable for all races?

Mal was caught agog by some trollop village dancer, and despite my warnings, I think he may pursue relations with the girl. Sandpoint has not yet trusted me with any magic that will cure warts of the nature that will result from this coupling. Roars also wanted some manner of wart removed, and accompanied Mal and I to the temple to seek curatives. I think he is a bad influence on the boy, and I will be very upset if Mal starts to act like this barbarian.

Outside the temple, Sherrif Hemlock approached us with another problem to investigate. At the graveyard one of the vaults was open; upon investigating, our two warriors were beset by skeletons. Luckily, Fang is now listening closely to my advice, and did not waste time trying to strike at normally vital areas: for a creature of bones, to crush with the shield is the answer. The story Hemlock told us after the skirmish confirms the sinister notes I have heard in Sandpoint’s song.

I have to admire the way Ameiko stood up to her father; would that I had done the same to mine before it was too late. She seems like an excellent ally to have at our sides, and I mean to befriend her. She seems to feel the same way about us, for she has extended our free stay to two weeks. I begin to feel guilty at taking away her profits, but perhaps I can make the transaction fair through labour of some sort.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a day of strictly merriment. We have been invited boar hunting by one Aldrin Foxglove. While he seems mostly impressed by Mountain’s Fang, perhaps I can put some of my younger experience hunting to work here. Nobility should really stay with nobility.

Never settle for silver where platinum is possible.

Oathday, Rova 22nd, 4707

A great deal happened today, and I am still processing some of it. I have so many thoughts, that it’s good to be able to write some of them down. What I thought would be a relaxed day of merrymaking at the Swallowtail festival became a disaster and an opportunity all in one.

Sandpoint was attacked today. Fiendish goblins poured onto the street like Caydenites into a tavern, and blood began to flow like water. I think we may have been lost had I not spotted two Shoanti tribesmen who had just finished with a skirmish of their own. Though reluctant, they followed my direction to where some of the leaders of the assault were, and we successfully broke the back of the raid. Abadar protected us this day, or as the priest in this hamlet would say: “Desna smiles”.

Putting it into so few words makes it seem easy, but I have never seen so much blood. I am happy that I did not lose my nerve in front of the savages, for I know that Shoanti sense and prey upon weakness. I am worried for Mal, for he is far more naive than I and may trust these two too easily.

I spoke of the disaster, and yet have omitted the opportunity. While I do not trust these Shoanti, they seem to take instruction well in combat, and the entire village seems enamoured with the four of us. We are now in private rooms in the Rusty Dragon inn, with room and board temporarily on the house. Salvage from the better weapons we found should result in a tidy profit for each of us, and while the male Shoanti, a shaman of some sort, seems to enjoy violence for the sake of violence, the female warrior looks to possess more intelligence than that with which I had first credited her. There may be further profit in for all of us if the opportunity to pursue these raiders presents itself.

I plan to take steps to befriend these two tribals. Although Sandpoint’s small amount of magic was spent quickly, I have offered “Mountain’s Fang” my abilities as a healer and she has accepted. I plan to walk with the male tomorrow to see if he is also hiding a brain behind that crude face of his. His name is “Roars with Thunder”, although I would also call him “Eats without Manners”.

The master gives and takes, but always in equal value.

Wealday, Rova 21st, 4707

Today we arrived in Sandpoint. It is good to hear music again, although the rhythm here is quieter, and Sandpoint has not opened up to me the way Magnimar does. I worry that it will take time for Sandpoint to trust me with anything more than the most basic of magic. When I first listened, there was a great amount of hope and warmth. I’m worried, however, about the quiet undertones that warn of death — far too much death for such a small place.

Mal is being difficult, as usual. He still will not give me any specifics regarding why we have arrived here, and I find him more challenging to read than most people. Could it be that even he does not know why he has brought us here?

We have not seen much of the town yet. We stopped at a cramped inn called the White Deer. The innkeeper doesn’t seem much more than a thug, but we had little choice given the late hour of our arrival. I will seek out better lodgings in the morning, Abadar willing.

One of the other patrons was murmuring something about a festival in the morning. I feel a buzz of anticipation in the air, and I cannot help but feel a little excited myself. Sandpoint is no Magnimar, but it will do until I can convince Mal to return.

May the Vault flow with metal.

Kellus' Journal

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