Letter to Quah'Halef


This message is long overdue and I hope it finds you safe and quickly. I left for foolish reasons, on a mission I believed would increase my honour with our tribe. I feel shame for any disturbance my disappearance caused.

On my way, I was visited by an omen, and I recognized its sign upon reaching the outlander city of Sandpoint. There is something deeply unsettling afoot here, and I am compelled to remain until I can be certain it has been neutralized and our lands are safe once again.

Do not fear for me. In my travels, I have found skilled companions to cooperate with. A fellow shoanti from the northlands, a local archer who seems focused on protecting his people, and a pair of outlander shaman. One of the shaman has shown a great and genuine interest in our ways, and carries himself well in battle.

I shall seek out our tribe once more when my duty here is fulfilled. I would very much like to bring this Shoanti-hearted shaman to our tribe so you may meet him and, I hope, welcome him as one of us.

If you need to reach me, you may direct a message to the care of Ameiko Kaijitsu at The Rusty Dragon in Sandpoint. She will ensure it reaches my hands.

May your spirit guide you until our next meeting!

Letter to Quah'Halef

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