Letter to Shalelu

Dearest Shalelu,

It appears from your reaction to me lately that I have given unintended offense. Please forgive me, for I am not one who is an expert in the matters of the heart. If you will continue to read this, I will try and explain my actions, and if you are still angered towards me, I will be saddened, but I will hold no malice towards you for it.

If my actions of late have been strange, it is because events in my life are just as strange. I had returned home in hopes of recovering from the injury that left me disfigured. Not long after my return, events in my home town forced me back into action so that I could protect it. I am a man of responsibility, and I feel that I am not capable of fulfilling my obligation to both you and my home town at the same time.

This may seem that I am putting my home ahead of you. It is not my intent. I simply mean that I could not hope to give you what you deserve if my attention is divided between you and my home. Would you still feel the way you do for me if I abandoned my home to be with you? I don’t think you would. I have seen from your actions that you care about your roots just as much as I do, and I would expect you to do the same to protect them.

Should you feel differently, and can see a way around the issue, please don’t hesitate to enlighten me. Know that I do care for you and my decisions tear my heart. If you can find a way to reconcile it, I would be most overjoyed.

With regret that my actions harmed you,

Astlanias Kaijitsu

Letter to Shalelu

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