Roar's Potential Replacements for Kellus

Taken from Roar’s giant-skin journal, page 34.

Kellus is a tumour on our party. His recurring attempts to enslave monsters, raise the dead, and engage in other occult activities endanger not only our mission but also our souls. The faith Lani has in this gaunt skeleton of a man is something I will never understand. Kellus is not a man being duped by dark forces, he is one that invites them into his home, offers them a glass of wine, and brings them a cosy pair of slippers. After I have fought so long and hard to overcome my own curse, it enrages me to see a man so willing to curse himself.

It is prudent then to consider individuals who could replace Kellus after I am inevitably forced to slay him. We’ve met a number of borderline competent soldiers, mystics, and vagabonds during our adventures who could fill his shoes adequately, given a bit of training. Truth be told, they are all a bit green, but I’m sure they’d complain much less than Kellus.

1. Ameiko Kaijitsu
Good natured and of the same stock as Lani. I don’t care much for Varisian music, but she seems an accomplished bard and has some adventuring experience under her belt. Probably the most trustworthy companion we could ask for although she might hesitate to leave the Rusty Dragon behind.

2. Brodert Quink
Although aged and borderline senile, he would be eager to tag along out of grandfatherly affection for my cousin. Possesses a vast knowledge of lore and could be taught magic, given time. If willing, we could undergo a reincarnation ritual to bring him back to his prime (and possibly as a bugbear!). Points against him for owning a cat.

3. Shalelu Andosana
An obvious choice. A fine archer, tracker, and hunter; if she weren’t an elf I’d swear she had a bit of Shoanti in her. Her relationship with Lani would be enough to goad her into accompanying us. And if we turned Kellus into a statue again, she would always have something to lean against.

4. Vale Temros
I actually don’t know much about the man, but anyone who carries around axes that big has my vote. He’s a black arrow, so he has at least some basic combat training.

5. Ilga the Kobold
Thirty pounds of claws, scales, and fury. I can’t help but respect her. If we showed up with Kellus’ crumpled body as a peace offering, she might entertain joining our party. Not like there’s much left for her in Jorgenfist.

Roar's Potential Replacements for Kellus

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