Shoanti Lexicon

Common Shoanti Phrases

Kel-grish Greetings
Ferrik niklit forenk skoans Until our skulls are gathered
Ahk-Storval – rel abeshk Away from our lands!
Irok devit fendrick swork By blood it is sworn
Storval ekbitel nalha rest We walk the land as brothers

Shoanti Dictionary

Ahk our, ours
Azghat ancient Shoanti gods
Hashke a Shoanti greeting ritual (see below)
Jothka a quah subchief
Klar a traditional Shoanti weapon
Ortak Hurong the offer of sanctuary to an outsider
Oruk shadow, darkness
Quah clan
Storval land, lands
Tshal wing, wings
Tshamek outsider (derogatory)
Viskalai hemlock
Yawné my love, beloved

Shoanti Customs

Hashke Used when meeting a jothka or other Shoanti leader. One moves a sheathed weapon to his or her off side or, if carrying a weapon in hand, moves it to the off hand and holds it backwards. This is accompanied by a shallow bow during which one does not break eye contact.
The Walk Each morning a clan leader walks the camp, hearing the concerns of his people and taking the measure of the camp as a whole.

Shoanti Lexicon

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