Party XP totals

Total Party XP gained:

Story Awards:
Escape Mr. Vinder’s Wrath: 400
Standing up for Ameiko: 250
Rescuing Ameiko: 1200
Destroying the Zombies: 200
Hagfish Challenge: 100
Special story xp from Foxglove manor: 2,400
Rescuing the Black Arrows: 7200
Putting Myriana to rest: 9,600
Reincarnating Lamatar and restoring him with his weapons: 12, 800

Role Playing Coins
Coin XP: 509X25 =13 025

Total Party XP Spent:
Grand total at present:
TBA (39,500 by my count. We need to spend that shit! – Dave)

XP Spent on what boons:
“There’s More!” – Rescuing Shalelu 5,000

Party XP totals

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